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              Talent Concept

              1.Selection concept

              With a pioneering spirit of innovation, people who are
              committed to continuous improvement in the work
              process. With a spirit of craftsmanship and a commitment
              to continuous improvement in the quality of work.

              2.Talent development

              We regard employees as important partners of the company and uphold the concept of “more value for our partners”,
              providing employees with multi-level and multi-level
              professional training to comprehensively improve the
              overall quality and business capabilities of employees
              and realize employee value and The common improvement of the company's value.

              3.Talent incentive

              We insist on a competitive salary positioning in the
              industry, give opportunities to those who want to serve
              the officers, give positions to those who can be officers,
              and give people who can do things to the platform, so
              that talents with good character, dedication and diligence,
              and efficient work are in the organization.
              Be able to stand out.

              Career Development

              The company pays attention to the growth of employees and builds a career development channel for business, management and production
              talents. Employees can not only develop in their own professional skills and skills, but also choose to develop in the management direction,
              give full play to their personal values and help their career development.

              Company career
              promotion channel

              Business Channel: Salesman - City Manager - Area Manager - Business Manager - Provincial Manager

              Management Channel: Assistant - Clerk / Commissioner - Supervisor - Manager - Director - Deputy General Manager - General Manager

              Production channel: operator - team leader - section length - workshop supervisor - production department deputy manager - production
              department manager - production director


              The company has established a scientific evaluation system and formed an incentive mechanism that is organically combined with the
              compensation system. The company conducts annual evaluation activities every year, and recognizes groups and individuals who have
              made outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions in their work.

              Staff Style

              Party member activity

              Party member activity

              • Nanbei Lake activity

                Nanbei Lake activity

              • Shandong Study Tour

                Shandong Study Tour

              • Fortune Energy Cup Talent Show Competition

                Fortune Energy Cup Talent Show Competition

              • New Year's party

                New Year's party

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              Holiday gift

              Send relevant gifts on holidays

              Birthday Cake

              Employee birthday birthday gift

              Age allowance

              Every half year, issued at 50 yuan per month

              Night shift subsidy

              Each night shift attendance is over 6H and is
              issued at 30 yuan/night.

              Year-end reward

              Specific implementation according to the
              company's year-end award management

              Housing fund

              Execute according to the local social security
              policy (currently 152 yuan / month)

              Annual physical examination

              One-year free medical examination for
              employees who have been employed for
              more than one year

              Employee recommendation

              Reference internal recommendation culture

              Cooling food in summer

              Herbal tea, salt soda, etc.

              Employee entertainment

              Vending machine, table tennis, billiard room,